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Website Support and Maintenance Specialist

Note: Currently there are no vacant positions at Marifah School. However, we encourage qualified candidates to apply for potential vacancies.

Position Title:
Website Support and Maintenance Specialist – Occasional  (Temporary, Remote, Contractual)
Reports to: Marifah School Admin

Mission, Vision, and Goals of Marifah School: Marifah School is dedicated to providing a holistic and inclusive learning environment that seamlessly integrates Islamic values into academic excellence. Our vision is to nurture compassionate, knowledgeable, and morally grounded individuals who contribute positively to society. Our goals include academic proficiency, Islamic values integration, student well-being, cultural diversity celebration, community engagement, and continuous improvement.

Website Support and Maintenance Specialist Responsibilities:

  1. Content Management:
    • Update and manage website content to ensure it accurately reflects Marifah School’s mission, programs, and events.
    • Regularly review and edit website pages for accuracy and relevance.
  2. Technical Troubleshooting:
    • Address technical issues promptly, including website downtime, broken links, and other functionality concerns.
    • Collaborate with web developers or IT specialists when necessary to resolve complex technical issues.
  3. Security Monitoring:
    • Implement and monitor security measures to protect the website from potential threats.
    • Conduct regular security audits and updates to ensure data integrity and user privacy.
  4. User Support:
    • Provide support to website users, including parents, students, and staff, addressing inquiries and troubleshooting user-related issues.
    • Create user guides or tutorials to assist with common website functionalities.
  5. Software Updates:
    • Regularly update and maintain website software, plugins, and other components to ensure optimal performance.
    • Test updates in a staging environment before applying them to the live site.
  6. Backup and Recovery:
    • Implement regular backup procedures to safeguard website data.
    • Develop and execute recovery plans in the event of data loss or website disruptions.
  7. Performance Optimization:
    • Monitor website performance, identifying and resolving issues related to speed, responsiveness, and user experience.
    • Optimize images, scripts, and other elements to enhance overall website performance.
  8. Analytics and Reporting:
    • Utilize web analytics tools to track website traffic, user engagement, and other relevant metrics.
    • Generate regular reports to assess the effectiveness of website content and features.
  9. Collaboration with Marketing Team:
    • Work closely with the marketing team to update promotional content, event announcements, and news releases on the website.
    • Ensure alignment between website content and overall marketing strategies.
  10. Training and Documentation:
    • Train relevant staff members on basic website functions and procedures.
    • Develop documentation and manuals for ongoing website support and maintenance.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in website management, support, and maintenance.
  • Familiarity with Content Management Systems (CMS) and web development technologies.
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

This role plays a crucial part in maintaining an effective and user-friendly online presence for Marifah School, ensuring that the website aligns with the school’s values and provides a seamless experience for all users. If you possess the required technical expertise and a commitment to supporting educational initiatives, we invite you to contribute to our dynamic team.

Please apply by uploading cover letter and CV or by email to We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those with appropriate backgrounds and experience will be contacted once there are open vacancies.

Employment/Volunteering: Employment
Class: IT
Type: Part Time
Location: Stittsville Ottawa

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