Marifah School

Together, we can build a community where

Hearts embrace Islamic values, minds excel, and character shapes futures

About Marifah

Marifah School was founded with a profound commitment to addressing the unique needs of Muslim children in today's educational landscape

Recognizing the challenges prevalent in public schools, our vision for Marifah School stems from a desire to create an environment that fosters academic excellence while upholding Islamic values, providing a haven free from the myriad of issues often encountered in mainstream educational settings.

Important Information

Whether you are a parent looking for the best Islamic and academic education for your children, or a community leader, or a subject matter expert, there is an opportunity for you at Marifah School.

Marifah School is a community school that leverages the rich and culturally diverse Muslim community of Ottawa to provide education services to the community.

Become part of the Marifah family

Registration for 2023/2024

Marifah school still has limited spots. If you are planning to register please hurry up before the spots fills up 

Waitlist for 2024/2025

Please ensure that your children are waitlisted for the next academic year. Even if your children are already attending Marifah School, please waitlist for 2024/2025 to keep your priority.

Waitlist for Preschool

Depending on the availability of space and resources, Marifah School may consider opening a pre-school for children between the ages of 2.5 and 4 years. Please waitlist and we will let you know as things develop. 


Marifah School has big ambitions and needs your continuous support to plan and execute. Here are some areas where you can help:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Writers and Graphics Artists
  • Fundraising Experts
  • Motivational Public Speakers
  • Administrators
  • IT & Website Experts
  • Teacher Aides
  • Education Advisors 
  • Cleaning and Classroom Setup